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Send out auto requests via online store Shopify

Shopify lets you send you automated review requests when you assign customers a certain tag.

When should I ask for a review? The best moment to send an automated review requests is when the visit to your store is still fresh in the memory of your customers. If you sell food, it is recommended to ask for a review within the next few hours. However, if you have sold a product to your customer, you should give him about a week to test the product and then ask for a review.

How do I send auto requests on Shopify? That is what we will explain here. It takes around 5 minutes to setup. This is how you include ReviewForest in your Shopify review requests:

Note: In order to create automations, you need a marketing app, and your store needs to be on the Basic Shopify plan or higher. Since automated emails are not currently integrated with Shopify themes, you need an additional app like Shopify Inbox or Sendinblue. In this help article, we use Sendinblue as an example.

1) Login to Shopify.
2) Login to Sendinblue and connect it with your Shopify account.
3) In Sendinblue, click "Automation", "Workflows", "Create a workflow" and "Product Purchase"
4) Click "create".
5) Choose a custom event like "order_completed".

6) Click on "Next" and choose the period of time your message will be sent, for example one week.

7) Click on "Next" and "Create a new email template". In Setup, enter all required details.
8 ) In Design, "Start from scratch" and drag and drop the HTML field into your message. Erase the code that appears automatically. Now, copy the ReviewForest template in your ReviewForest Dashboard, go on and paste it on the left in order to receive the HTML code of the template. Copy the code and paste it in the HTML field of your message. You can also add text, social media icons, buttons and so on.

9) By clicking on "Continue", you see the preview of the message. To make sure that everything is fine, "send a test" in the upper right. When you are happy with your template, click on "Save & Activate".

10) Click on the Plus in the upper part in order to connect your email account with Sendinblue by following the instructions.

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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