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Send auto requests via online store HubSpot

HubSpot lets you send you automated review requests when you assign clients a certain tag. In order to create automated emails to use in workflows, you need Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts.

When should I ask for a review? The best moment to send an automated review requests is when the visit to your store is still fresh in the memory of your customers. If you sell food, it is recommended to ask for a review within the next few hours. However, if you have sold a product to your customer, you should give him about a week to test the product and then ask for a review.

How do I send auto requests on HubSpot? That is what we will explain here. It takes around 5 minutes to setup. This is how you include ReviewForest in your HubSpot review requests:

1) Login to HubSpot.
2) In order to integrate our ReviewForest template, navigate to Conversations and then Templates. Click New template and then From scratch. Enter a name and subject for your template.
3) Click the Select a folder dropdown menu to add the ReviewForest template to a folder.
4) Now go to your ReviewForest dashboard, click Copy Template and paste it in your template.
5) Click Save template.
6) Now you can create you automated email: Go to Marketing and then E-Mail.

7) Click Create email and select Automated.
8 ) Select your template and enter in the dialog box an Email name and click Create email.
9) Click the Recipients tab and select Save for automation.

10) Click Next to review your email settings and then Save for automation in order to publish the automated email.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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