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Send auto requests via CRM on Mailchimp

Mailchimp lets you send you automated review requests when you assign clients a certain tag.

When should I ask for a review? The best moment to send an automated review requests is when the visit to your store is still fresh in the memory of your customers. If you own a restaurant or similar, it is recommended to ask for a review within the next few hours. However, if you have sold a product to your customer, you should give him about a week to test the product and then ask for a review.

How do I send auto requests on Mailchimp? That is what we will explain here. It takes around 5 minutes to setup. This is how you include ReviewForest in your Mailchimp review requests:

1) Login to Mailchimp.
2) Click on the Automations icon in your account dashboard.
3) Click on Classic Automations.
4) Choose Email your tagged contacts and then Single Email.

5) Enter a Campaign Name and click on the drop-down menu to select a target group.
6) Click on Begin and on Design Email.
7) In Setup, enter your E -Mail, Email subject, Preview Text, From name and From email address.
Click on Next and choose in Template your template.
9) In the Design step you can design your email.
10) Click on Save and Return to Workflow.
11) In order to change the settings for the automation workflow, go to Emails and then to Edit Settings. Enter Name of the Workflow, Sender Name, Sender address and Tracking Options.

Now, you have to set the automation.

12) Check your checklist in Confirm. Click on Resolve or Edit in order to make changes to your automation.
13) In order to send the automation, click on Start Sending and then again in the pop-up window on Start Sending.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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