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How to add an Email Signature to Apple Mail

How to add an Email Signature to Apple Mail

In order to add a signature to Apple Mail, first you need to copy one of the signatures provided by ReviewForest.

Visit and login into your account.

Choose "Email Signatures" within the left menu or directly visit to see the different signatures.

After you have chosen one of the signatures, you need to copy the signature into your clipboard with the button "Copy Signature".

Screenshot Copy Signature

As soon as you have copied the signature you can add it into Apple Mail.

Open Apple Mail and go to "Preferences" and then to "Signatures".

Choose the email account which you want to use the signature for. You find your selection of existing accounts in the left column.

Click on the plus (+) button below the central column to add a new signature and enter a name for the new signature.

Now you should see a (still empty) preview of the new signature in the right column. Uncheck the box "Always match my default message font" below the right column.

Insert the copied email signature into the right column.

Insert copied Signature

With the button "Choose Signature", which you can find in your dropdown menu below the columns, you can choose this email signature to serve as your standard.

Updated on: 05/05/2021

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