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Email Invitations Statuses and Error Messages

When you send out review invitations by email you will see different statuses after sending. This is a more detailed explanation of what they mean:

SendingMessage has been received and is ready to be delivered.
Can't be sendYou may see the following drop reasons: Invalid SMTPAPI header, Spam Content (if Spam Checker app is enabled), Unsubscribed Address, Bounced Address, Spam Reporting Address, Invalid, Recipient List over Package Quota
Temporarily can't be sendReceiving server temporarily rejected the message.
Doesn't accept emailsReceiving server could not or would not accept mail to this recipient permanently. If a recipient has previously unsubscribed from your emails, the message is dropped.
DeliveredMessage has been successfully delivered to the receiving server.
Email openedRecipient has opened the HTML message.
Link ClickedRecipient clicked on a link within the message.
Spam ReportedRecipient marked message as spam.
Doesn't want emailsRecipient clicked on the 'Opt Out of All Emails' link.
Re-subscribedRecipient resubscribed to a specific group by updating their preferences. Subscription Tracking needs to be enabled for this type of event.

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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