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Physical tree counter - How to buy & setup

The physical tree counter can be connected to your review forest. Even your brand forest, if you have one. It updates at least once a day to reflect the current amount of trees you have planted. The tree counter is manufactured by Smiirl. Setting it up is quite easy.

How to order

The counter can be ordered directly from Smiirl. As ReviewForest customer you get a special deal. You only pay 359€ (+ VAT, if applicable) instead of 399€. In order to claim the deal, use this link:

Choose Custom Counter

Make sure the promo code 'REVIEWFOREST' is applied.
Click Edit logo

Now choose Images in the menu on the left. Instead of Designs by Smiirl choose ReviewForest

Drag & drop the illustration of the tree onto the counter.

Increase the size so it fills out the box.

Confirm the design by clicking the checkmark in the top corner on the right.
Continue with the order process by clicking 'Proceed' and fill out your dates to complete the order.

How to connect the tree counter to your review forest

Your tree counter has arrived. Exciting! Let's get it connected to your review forest.

The setup method is called 'PUSH NUMBER'

If you prefer videos, watch this and then continue with step 5:

If you prefer text, follow these steps:

Go to and sign up. This is not related to your account at ReviewForest. You need to setup a new account.
Click on the button Install .
Enter the ID of the tree counter. It can be found at the back of the counter and on the user guide.
Follow the instructions to either connect Via WiFi or Via Ethernet
Once you have successfully managed to connect your counter to the internet, it's time to connect it to your review forest. In order to so, it will come in handy to have the ReviewForest app open in another browser window. That way you can copy the data from Smiirl and insert it inside your ReviewForest account.

Transfer data from Smiirl to ReviewForest

In your ReviewForest account navigate to "Physical tree counter"
Choose which forest you want to connect to your Smiirl counter. Note: you can only connect one forest to one counter.

Select among your forests

In your Smiirl account go to "My Counter", "Settings" and then click on "Option" for PUSH NUMBER
Click on the push number icon
push icon
Instead of entering your tree number manually, we provide you with a custom solution. Press "CURL Endpoint". A list of data displays below.

"Curl Endpoint" --> Get token and identifier

Copy the data of "Counter identifier" & "Counter token" from Smiirl and insert into your ReviewForest account under "Physical tree counter"
After you've entered the data into your ReviewForest account , press "Connect counter to review forest"

Last step: confirm connection

That's it! Now your tree counter will update automatically with the total amount of trees you've planted!

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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