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My forest has been deactivated, why?

My forest has been deactivated, why?

If you notice that one or all of your forests have been deactivated without any action on your part, you will find an overview of the possible reasons and how you can reactivate your forests here.

There are 3 possible causes to one or all of your forest page(s) showing “inactive”

You have reached the planting limit for your forest

You or one of your team members manually deactivated your forest or your subscription

You have outstanding invoices**

How to find out the relevant cause? - and fix it?

Reached planting limit

Check your forest(s) in your account under "Review forests".
Do you see that you have reached the planting limit for one of your forests?
You will see a message like "You have planted 1000/1000 trees for reviews.".
The first number stands for the number of trees already planted and the second number for the maximum number of trees you have chosen to plant for reviews.

In order to activate your forest, you need to raise your planting limit!

How to raise the planting limit?

Click on “Change planting settings”
A modal opens on which you can set a new and higher planting limit or even delete any limit altogether
save your changes
your forest is active again and you can continue planting

Manually deactivated forest or subscription

You can reactivate your forests under “Review forests"

1.Go to “Review forests” and click the green “Reactivate” button
Confirm your choice and continue planting

You can reactivate the whole subscription under “Billing & Plan”

Inside “Billing & Plan”; press the “Activate” button
confirm your choice

Go to “Review forests” and check on your single forests.
Do you see them active again? If not; activate them one by one in following step (1.)

Outstanding invoices

If there are any unpaid invoices, you’ll see a banner inside your Review forest account.

! ! ! In order to see and pay the outstanding invoice, click the link on the banner ! ! !

You will be re-directed to the payment page (in a new tab) where you can see the details of your outstanding invoice and find the payment options to pay the outstanding invoice.
Choose any of the payment methods and make a payment
make sure to refresh the page when you come back to your Review forest account. This will update your view of your ReviewForest account and allow you once more access to all features.

Tip: you always find an overview of your invoices and the relevant status (including “unpaid”) und “Billing & plan”

Happy Planting!

Updated on: 22/12/2023

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