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How to Cancel Your ReviewForest Subscription

Considering taking a break from ReviewForest? We're always here to address any concerns, missing features, or issues you might encounter. Our virtual door is open, and we're ready to assist before you make your decision. No hard feelings, either way.

Please note: When you cancel your subscription, it takes effect immediately, and there are no refunds.

Here's a simple and straightforward guide to cancel your subscription:

Step into the Clearing: Go to Billing & Plan to access your billing settings.

Spot the Exit Sign: At the bottom right, you'll see a link saying "I want to cancel my subscription". Please click on it.

Give us Some Feedback: Share your reason for leaving, if possible. Your feedback is invaluable for our growth, though it's optional.

Tread Carefully and Be Informed: Before you cancel, please be aware of the following:
- Your review forest(s) will be deactivated, and customers won't be able to submit reviews.
- You must stop using the ReviewForest templates, name, or logo for your business.
- Remove any mentions of your business's association with ReviewForest from social media or blogs.
- Manually remove any ReviewForest widgets and links from your setup.

The Final Step: After considering the above, you can cancel your subscription. For trial users, there's no cost involved. For subscribers, the service continues until the end of the billing period without additional charges.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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