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GDPR & Your Customers' Reviews on ReviewForest: All You Need to Know


A common question is if and how ReviewForest is compliant with GDPR. The short answer is ReviewForest is fully GDPR compliant. Let's look at it in detail.

While we have several GDPR-relevant topics surrounding ReviewForest—like our Website Widgets and the process of Asking for Reviews—in this article, we'll delve deep into a frequently posed question: Do companies using ReviewForest need explicit customer consent to display their names on the review forest page and plant trees for their reviews? The short answer is: no, you don't need their consent.

Review Platforms and Public Sharing: A User's Choice

An important thing to highlight is that users can only leave a review on Google if they have a Google account. When creating this account, they agree to Google's privacy policy, which sets clear terms about data sharing and usage. As such, the process of review submission is built upon prior consent.

In this context, companies can't even collect additional consent. Why? Because the user directly interacts with review platforms like Google when they decide to post a review. They choose which data to share with Google, and it's Google that explicitly informs the user about the public usage of their review and name. Moreover, Google also notifies users that their feedback may appear on third-party sites, like ReviewForest.

Screenshot of the Google review modal showing the users chosen name and profile picture, rate with stars, and the note 'Posting publicly'

Expanded view of the Google review modal detailing the public nature of posts, indicating they can appear on various Google services and third-party sites like ReviewForest

The data control in this context isn't between the company and the user. It's squarely between the review platform (like Google) and the user leaving the review. Thus, businesses using ReviewForest don't need to fret about GDPR consent; the user has already given it to the review platform.

Optional: ReviewForest's Proactive Approach to Privacy: Using Initials

Despite not needing to do this, some businesses have asked us to pseudonymize the reviewer's name by using initials. We're rolling out a feature soon that will display only the initials of reviewers. While not a GDPR requirement, we believe in the power of choice and flexibility. Again, this is purely optional and not a requirement.

Coming soon: display only customers' initials

Empowering the User: Right to Opt-Out

Any user who wishes their name to be removed from our platform can reach out to us, and we'll handle their request promptly. For a more comprehensive understanding of our commitment to user data, you're always welcome to visit our detailed privacy policy.


ReviewForest's software aligns with GDPR guidelines. We're here to bridge the gap between feedback and environmental impact, all while upholding the highest standards of data privacy and user respect. If you're considering using ReviewForest's widgets, we have an article detailing how to ensure they're implemented in a GDPR-compliant manner on your website.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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