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How to integrate a widget in Joomla

How to integrate a widget in Joomla

In order to integrate a widget in Joomla, first you need to copy the widget HTML-Codes provided by ReviewForest. If you already done so you can skip the next four steps and directly go to step five.

Visit and login into your account.

Choose "Widgets" within the left hand menu or directly visit You can choose between "Review Widget" and "Forest Widget". For this article we go through the steps in order to integrate the Forest Widget. But the necessary steps will work with the Review Widget as well.

After you have chosen one of the widgets, you need to click on the button "Install" which you find on the right side of the widget preview.

Install Forest Widget

Now a window should show up. At first copy the upper HTML-Code but leave the window open as you will need the second HTML-Code later as well.

Copy HTML-Code

Within a new Browser window, go to your Joomla website. Here you need to create a “HTML-Code Module”. Within your Control Panel navigate to "Extensions" and then to "Module manager".

Click on "New" in order to create a new module and choose "Custom HTML"


Define a name and make a choice about the position in which the widget should be shown on your Website. Now you can insert the already copied HTML-Code. In pressing enter you'll create a new line where you can insert the second HTML-Code. For this go back to your ReviewForest account copy the second code and insert it on Joomla behind the first HTML-Code.

Insert HTML-Code"]

Now you can use the visual mode or take the path via clicking on "Tools" and then "Source Code" to see the HTML-Code.

In a following step you can open "Menu assignment" and specify those pages on which the HTML Module should be shown.

Auswahl der Anzeigeseiten

Finally don't forget to save your changes. In refreshing your website afterwards you can check out the outcome.

Updated on: 05/05/2021

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