If you are unable to find your business during the registration process at step 4 "Choose platforms / What is your business called on Google", this is probably because you have not entered a publicly visible address in your Google My Business account.

Currently, it is only possible to register with ReviewForest if your business has a publicly visible address on Google.
You can easily test whether this is the case for your company by entering the company's address under the following link.
If you find your company there, you can also find and register with ReviewForest by entering the same information.

If you can't find your business at the Place Finder, you can't add it to ReviewForest: Google's Place ID Finder

How to make your address public
Login to your Google My Business account
Visit the Info tab in the left menu
Click the pen icon to add your address next to the location symbol (below your company name)


We can understand if your company does not want to make its address public, so we are currently working on a solution that will allow you to register at ReviewForest without an address, using only your Google My Business account.

If you want us to inform you as soon as it's available, please send us an email with your request to mail@reviewforest.org
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